Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Remind Me 8"x8" Page

Wow, it really has been a LONG time since I have blogged! I think you could consider me having been "lost in life" the past few weeks. Seems like every fall I get completely overwhelmed with everything, getting in the motions of a new school year, lots of adjustments this year with Audrey going to school full time now...and me trying to get a hold of my classes at the store. I've been trying to do about one a week, they have been a blast but have definitely kept me busy.

But enough about that - I'm back, and trying to get back to posting projects regularly. Sometimes it seems like it is easy to get into a "scrapbooking rut" for me - it seems like I'm doing the same thing, and then I start to feel uninspired and uncreative. How do I get out of that? Well over the past few years I have come up with a few tried and true ways to get over my creativity blocks. One is new photos. If I get some great new photos that usually gives me a pretty good jump start - sometimes I can't get them on the page fast enough. Then other times it helps just to mix up my page size. Which was what I did with today's project. I've been scrapbooking 12"x12" pages so much lately that I thought I would mix it up a bit and I bought an 8x8 album to play around with. Smaller pages seem to be so much easier to fill for me - just enough room for a 4x6 photo, a title and a little journaling. Not enough room to write a book like I sometimes tend to do. LOL But it really is fun to just play around with a smaller size sometimes. I can't wait to get this 8x8 book filled for the girls. :)

You Remind Me

  • Princess flower paper background (Imaginisce)
  • Blue small rhinestones (Kaisercraft)
  • Die cut flower overlay (The ScrappyShack Etsy store)
  • Black cardstock
  • Black .05 Micron pen
  • Sewing Machine with white thread

  1. Trim your black cardstock to 8x8. Trim your patterned paper background to be 7.5" x 7.5". Adhere this to black square.
  2. Trim a strip of pink polka dotted paper to about 2" x 7.5" and adhere on top of flowered patterned paper.
  3. Figure out where you are going to put your picture, then put some adhesive down on the patterned paper where your photo will be. Adhere your flower die cut paper. Adhere your photo overtop and that will hide how you adhered the die cut paper.
  4. With a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine stitch around the entire edge of your page. This will hold the edges of your die cut paper in place.
  5. Write your journaling with your micron pen on the polka dotted paper and cut out each word. Adhere those to your photo, and to a separate black strip of cardstock if needed.
  6. Adhere the strip of black cardstock under your photo.
  7. Stitch a little around your photo.
  8. Add your blue rhinestones to the centers of some of your die cut flowers.