Friday, November 30, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Sketch!

Oh, I am SO late getting my post up today! I figured out a little too late that my blog post for today posted to my writing blog by accident. That's what I get for having two different blogs at one time. UGH! Well, it's late now but here it is!

We had a sketch to do from here:  I love sketches and pages with lots of photos, so I thought I'd do one of a collage of Audrey baby pictures. She was such a cute little bald baby - we had a good time looking at all of these last night while I was working on the page.

I used a lot of cardstock, ribbon and some overlay stamps on this page, and the title was just made up of all kinds of fonts (love!)

Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget to visit the other MDS Blog hoppers today and see what they did with this fun sketch!

Friday, November 23, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Brushes

This week Jeanna challenged us to use brushes! This is the digital term for our digital stamps and I was all about this challenge! I LOVE using MDS's brushes. I used a stamp from my old standby favorite brush set (Frames with a Flourish) and one of my new favorites (Neon Notes).

And a little tidbit of information, these were my wedding colors 11-1/2 years ago! (Purple and Silver).

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today and be to check out the other blog hop ladies for some brushy goodness!

Friday, November 16, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Scrapbook Your Childhood

This week I challenged the My Digital Studio Blog Hop ladies to scrapbook something about their childhood. I had such a fantastic childhood, and this guy right here is a good part of the reason why.

I love my dad! We are so much alike and butt heads a lot, but he really is the best Dad. When I found this photo strip in an old box of photos, I knew I had to scan it - it's so funny and typical of photo strips back in the 70's. The first frame cracks me up, you can see the "Is this thing working" look on our faces? LOL

Now for some of the fun kits I used to make this page! Oh, and a disclaimer - I didn't have a high-res version of this photo so I did the page as a 5"x5" page so if some of the elements look really big, that would be why. Some of the kits I used were: Downtown Grunge, Neon Notes, the striped background paper was from the Days to Remember kit, and the big blue circle is from the More Candid Frames download. Enjoy! :)

Now, you know the drill! Be sure to check out the other childhood scrappin' ladies and see what they've come up with for today!

Friday, November 9, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Holiday Goodness!

I *LOVE* the holidays! Wouldn't I a person with the name of Holly who was named after Christmas (even though I was born in May!) HAVE to love the holidays? Yes! So I love this week's holiday challenge.

I've been overdosing it on scrapbook pages lately so I wanted to do something a little different. When I saw the "Tags" template on MDS (speaking of MDS, have you downloaded your new complete MDS update yet?) I knew I wanted to make some! How fun would little MDS tags on your gifts be?

This first one -->
uses the Christmas Cocoa II kit (love the papers in this one!)

My husband makes the best homemade Chex Mix the weekend before Thanksgiving that we give out to family and friends in little tins and I thought these tags would be great to put on the tins.

This second tag uses some of my favorite holiday papers, from the Wintergreen Digital Paper Pack and the Snowflake Trimmings punch kit. I love how festive these are, they're getting me in the Christmas spirit already (all I need now is a little bit of that homemade chex mix!)

Be sure to visit the other blog hoppers today and get your MDS Holiday on! :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

MDS Blog Hop - Circles

I love the page I have to share with you today (Circles!!!!), but I forgot to hit the Publish button before I came to work this morning! (ugh!) When I get home from school in a few hours I'll get it posted, but until then, continue on with the hop and I hope you'll stop back later!