Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4 - Inspiration Journal Class

Time for another class post - I am WAY excited about this one coming up on Saturday!

My mom collects these antique turn-of-the-century romance novels. If you try to read one, let me tell you - they are a HOOT! Believe it or not it is kind of hard to understand slang from over 100 years ago! Anyway, my mom brought me over a few a couple months ago to play around with and I had the best time with them. I made a few journals from them by taking them apart and rebinding them with my Bind-It-All. I added just about everything in there - cardstock for my sketches and drawings, lined paper for notes and journaling ideas, and pocket pages and envelopes to store stuff in. So I found out then that she had enough she would give me to do a class with them! This is going to be one fun class, I can't wait. It's Saturday from noon - 2pm and there is still time to sign up tomorrow if any of you local readers want to take it. I promise you will love the finished book you'll take home with you!

If you want to sign up just call the store tomorrow at (419) 524-2233. I only have a few more spots/books left.

I'll be back tomorrow with another project complete with instructions, I promise! Today just *really* got away from me. Oh, and the lunch box note from a few posts ago...

Audrey didn't even open the envelope at lunch. She just looked at it and brought it home. HA! So much for all that work I put into it! I even put a Hershey kiss in there too and she didn't open that either. Oh well...I guess it was the thought that counts.

I hope you are all having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! Running back and forth to school all the time sure can wear a girl out (I'm talking about me here, not Audrey) :)

Good night!

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1 - Thank You Cards

I've been working on mass-producing Thank You cards this weekend to send to everyone who took one of my classes in August. I know it will take the element of surprise from the people getting them who took a class in August and read this blog, but the design is SO easy to re-produce I thought it would be a great way to start out the month of September. I often forget to send Thank You notes (yes, slap my hand please!) but I'm REALLY trying to get better at remembering to do it. And the first step is to have Thank You notes/cards on hand, right? So here we go...send one to someone you care about today (or tomorrow since there is no mail today)! :)

Thank You Card

  • Kraft cardstock (Stampin' Up!)
  • Patterned Paper (Melissa Frances)
  • Scalloped border punch (Fiskars)
  • White Pen (Signo)
  • Thank You stamp (Stampin' Up!)
  • Chocolate Chip ink (Stampin' Up!)
  • Pearls & Large Rhinestone (Kaiser Craft)
  • Pink Paper Flower (Kaiser Craft)
  1. Cut an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of kraft cardstock in half so you have two 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" sized sheets.
  2. Fold them in half to make your card.
  3. Cut your patterned paper into 5-1/2" x 2" strips.
  4. Using your border punch, punch along one of the longer sides of this strip of paper. Adhere it to your card.
  5. Stamp your "Thank You" in the middle of your strip that you just adhered to the card.
  6. Place a small pearl on each end of the stamped image.
  7. Using your white pen dot along the top and the bottom scallop of your patterned paper.
  8. Adhere a large rhinestone in the center of your flower and decorate it further with your white pen if you wish. I added some little white dots to each angle of the rhinestone.
That's it - hope you are having a WONDERFUL holiday weekend! :)