Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 21 - Cutie Page

Oh why am I such a glutton for punishment? :) My dad told me early this week about a FREE craft show downtown this weekend for the city's bicentennial celebration and so like an idiot I signed up. Then I have another one in Ashland next weekend. So guess what I have been doing?


I did learn a few helpful things at the last craft show I did a few weeks ago. One major thing was that there are SO many people who still don't "get" the scrapbooking thing. Oh how, oh how can that be??? :)
I had one lady walk up to me with a set of note cards in her hand and said "Can you explain these to me and what I would do with them?" I honestly wasn't sure how to respond! I just said "Well, you would give them to people?" Uh - wish I had been more prepared for that one. And there were so many people that picked up the ticket alphas and said "Now what would I do with these?" SO -->
I made a few example pages for in the booth so people can see what to do with them. Hopefully it will help!

Oh and one more thing before the instructions!!! I'm going to have a giveaway on the blog tomorrow (Friday) because I most likely won't be able to post this weekend due to being at the show. So stop by to check it out - I promise to make it GOOD!

Cutie Page

  • Pink Ticket Alphas (My Etsy Store)
  • Journaling Circle (My Etsy Store)
  • Patterned Paper (Scenic Route, words - Prima, green)
  • Chipboard scalloped border (Fancy Pants Designs)
  • Bling swirls (Prima)
  • Pearl paint (Lil' Davis Designs)
  • Silver transparency border (Hambly Screenprints)
  • 8-1/2 x 11 Pageframe (Pageframe Designs)

1- Paint your chipboard with the pearl paint and allow to dry. I applied this to the outside of the frame after I had made my page and put it in the frame. Once it dries you can add your bling swirls.
2- Add your photo to the page, then your transparency border on the right hand side.
3- Staple your ticket title above and slightly overlapping your photo.
4 - Cut your strip of coordinating paper for under the photo and adhere it.
5 - Journal on your circle then adhere it over the bottom of your photo and over the strip.
6 - Slide it in the Pageframe then adhere your chipboard border.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the GIVEAWAY!

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