Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And the Winner Is...

I had the girls draw from tickets in a bucket as soon as they woke up this morning - so hence the PJ's and the messy hair! :)  Thanks so much to everyone who posted comments this past weekend - I LOVED reading what everyone loves to do lately and I have some new things to try now too thanks to all of the ideas posted!  I loved the comment from heyhoewarren about "No more keeping stuff for GOOD" - I do that ALL THE TIME!  I hate doing it, but I do!  And I am going to try not to anymore - if I have something I like, I'm going to USE it - not just keep it and look at it longingly in the package. :)
And I apologize for posting this a few days late.  The craft show this past weekend was a complete washout (literally).  It didn't rain in the morning which was good, but it was VERY windy and my stuff kept blowing off of the tables.  UGH.  Then around 2pm it started to downpour with no warning and quite a bit of my stuff got wet.  Some of it was in bags and I could save it, just put new packaging on it - but some of my frames got broken, wet, etc.  So I've been spending the past few days going through my boxes of stuff and trying to see what I could save and what I can't.
So enough about that - congratulations Sandy, I'll e-mail you to get your address or you can just e-mail it to me at  And thanks to everyone who posted a comment and/or added a link back to this blog!


Becky said...

Congrats to Sandy!!

Annie said...

It's Annie. Brad just showed me your web-site. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! You're so good !
Where is the new scrapbook store opening up where you'll be teaching? Squeeze the girls for me ! Love, Annie