Friday, May 25, 2012

MDS Wedding Page

WOW. I'm SO embarrassed. First, let me state the fact that I'm a researcher. I try to know the in's and out's of everything I'm involved in so I'm not surprised by something stupid.

Well, guess what? This week (yesterday, actually) I was surprised by something stupid and I'm so embarrassed I don't want to tell you about it. But I'll suck it up, put my big girl panties on and do it.

This week's MDS Blog Hop theme was to use the MDS retiring content discs to make our projects. Easy enough, right? So when I got the email asking if I was in for this week I answered "Of course!"

So last night (nothing better than last minute, right?) I get on the retiring page to see which discs I can use and I HAVE NONE OF THEM! What ARE those discs and where on earth did they come from? So I whip out my old catalog and go over it, and through it, and over it again. Well, sure enough, there they are. Right on one of the first pages of the catalog. And through the entire year of the catalog I never knew they were in there. WOW. Do I feel like an idiot. Especially since I'm a My Digital Studio Certified demo! So after thinking I could follow theme this week, I find out that I'm sadly (and embarrassingly) mistaken. I did a page, but its very simple and I wasn't able to use any of the content from the discs.

Had I actually known about them before-hand, I would have had them all - there is so much STUFF on them!!! So don't miss your chance to get them while you can (I know I will be!) - you only have a few more days until they're gone forever! Here's the link to them - My Digital Studio Retiring Content Discs

Now I bet my other blog hop buddies knew about these discs ahead of time and have something fabulous made with them, so go check them out! Links are below. :)

9. Holly VanDyne (you are here!)

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Heather Summers said...

You're so funny! Disk or no disk, this is a great page:)