Saturday, February 8, 2014

Make Your Own Photo Booth with MDS!

Last night the school I teach at held a Valentine's dance fundraiser and I was asked to take photos. In the past I've seen some really cute photo booths with super-cute props, so I opened up My Digital Studio and went to work.

The best thing is that I hardly had to recreate anything. Most of the shapes and sentiments I used on my props were already stamps! I just had to put them together.

I put everything on a 8x10 sheet and sent it to my photo printer to be printed at a 12" x 16" size. It was perfect. Here is how the sheet of props looked when I had finished.

I wanted them to really stand out so I used white images on a black background. Once I picked them up from the 1-hour print place (got these done at Sams!) I mounted them onto cardstock and trimmed around them so they wouldn't be so flimsy. If I would've done them more in advance I would have just had them printed through the MDS Print Service on their heavy cardstock. The ones I printed at Sams curled a little as the night went on so next time I do this I will order them to be printed on the heavy cardstock for sure.

Each thing on this sheet is already a stamp I had in MDS, the only fonts I used were the the "I {heart}" arrows. For the "We Seriously Rock" stamp I knew I wanted to do a double speech bubble which I couldn't find in my MDS downloads so I just printed it out without it and cut the shape I wanted around it. Worked great.

I found some dowel rods at the craft store, painted them gray so they wouldn't stand out too much when people held them, then mounted my cut out shapes to them.

thanks to my friend Christa for helping me show how great they looked in the photos!

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Amber said...

ok...I'm going to have to do this. how fun!!