Saturday, December 10, 2011

MDS Blog Hop - Spice Labels

I owe you an apology. I missed last week of the blog hop, and am a day late posting this one. It's been that kind of month already. For me, Christmas is like childbirth. By the time it comes around again, I forget how hard it was the last time. I don't have the best memory. So when our local theater had auditions for "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!", I asked my 6-year-old if she would want to try out. Well, she tried out, got a part as a baby angel, and we have basically been living at the theater for the past month. This weekend is the last weekend of the show and while the experience has been wonderful, it has sucked the life out of me. Not what I need this time of year when I can use all of the extra energy I can save up.

I wear leg braces. They are wonderful and help me out a ton, but they don't allow my feet to move. And that's pretty uncomfortable and constricting sometimes. So everyday I take a few minutes here and there to take them off, let my feet move around and just *breathe*. Yesterday was so non-stop insane, I didn't get ONE opportunity to do that. I wore the braces for 16-hours straight. Lesson learned - I won't do that again. But I'm off track! Let's get back to my MDS project!

Here's my secret - I'm a HORRIBLE cook! Thank goodness my husband is a wonderful one. When he repainted the spice rack in our kitchen, he came up with a brilliant idea - why don't we actually DISPLAY SPICES IN IT! (Have I told you how smart he is?) So I found some different sized jars in my craft room and we added the spices. The only thing we were missing - labels! My Digital Studio to the rescue!!! Using designer series paper that matches my blue kitchen walls, I put some labels together for the spices I needed then printed them out on my printer. (Just go to SHARE, then EXPORT TO JPG). After I printed them I punched them out with my Designer Label punch and adhered them with some Super-Tape. I love how they turned out and my hubby was impressed too. At least now I feel like I did something in the kitchen... :)

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Amber said...

Holly - those are adorable!! love the spice rack too :)