Thursday, December 19, 2013

MDS Blog Hop - The VanDyne Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!
Today we're sharing what we've been working on, and for the past few weeks I've been trying to get my Christmas cards finished up, addressed and out the door by TODAY! I'm having surgery to remove the pins from my foot bright and early today so I've been working overtime trying to get everything Christmas finished up -- especially my cards!
I still have a few more to mail (that may not arrive until after Christmas!) but I like to think I have a somewhat decent excuse. ha ha.

If you click on the image above you'll see a slightly larger version of it.
This is the first year I've used a tri-fold card and I have to admit, I'm SO in love with them. With the template (Bright Reviews tri-fold card) I used they were so super-quick to put together. I used the back of the template too, but changed the year from 2012 to 2013.

And that's my project for today! Now I'll send you over to Jeanna's blog where I'm positive she has something amazing to show you (doesn't she always?) :) I hope you have a very merry Christmas!


Julie Davidse said...

I am such a procrastinator! My Christmas cards come around new years (if they come at all)! Very pretty card!

Jeanna Bohanon said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the photo of the girls and the tree too!

beth rush said...

pretty card and great family pictures! love how easy it is to change things like dates with just a click!