Friday, August 10, 2012

2012 Artisan Finalists Blog Hop - Day 2

It's Day 2 with our Artisan contest entries! Maybe you just came over from Connie Collin's blog - let me tell you a quick little story about Connie. This past convention was my very first. I had two of my downline with me, but other than that I had never met anyone else in person (knew a few other demos from online). Connie was such a sweetheart and so friendly! No matter what class I was leaving, I always saw her friendly smiling face in the hallway - it was so comforting. So if you're reading this, THANK YOU, Connie!

So let's get on with my project for today. It may not be a big secret to some of you that I LOVE CLEAR! I LOVE Stampin' Up!'s window sheets! AND I love the new Sizzix purse die! Add these together and what do you get? This super-cute little clear purse!

Now here's the funny story to go with it. How you see it in this picture is how it was, packed and ready to go to Stampin' Up! with my contest entry. I had found the CUTEST little chocolate pearl-looking balls at our local chocolate store and they matched my purse so perfectly! But then on my way to the UPS store to mail it, I thought - "OH MY GOSH! What if the chocolate melts in my purse?" Melted chocolate would ruin it for sure! So I asked the UPS guy. "Will it melt?" and his response? "Probably." Well, crap. So I asked him for a bag, unpacked everything, took the super-cute chocolates out of the purse then packed everything back up again. Bummer. It was still cute without the chocolates, but it looked so much cuter with them (and much yummier!) And I'd be totally lying if I told you it never crossed my mind to sneak some of those chocolate balls to convention and put them into the purse on the display board! HA HA.

If you're wondering about the handle - I used the clear handle that got cut out with the purse, but adhered some bunched up ribbon to it and then sewed it onto the plastic (yes, you can use your sewing machine with window sheets!) :)

Thanks for stopping by - now head on over to the talented Melissa Stout's blog and see what Artisan goodness she has to show you today!

1. Connie Collins
2. Holly VanDyne (you are here!)
3. Melissa Stout
4. Amy O'Neill
5. Sandie Connor
6. Amy Rogers
7. Mercedes Weber
8. Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin
9. Mindy Bingamon

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for our next Artisan Finalist project! :)


Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin said...

WOW! So cute!! I just love it. Good thinking on your part too about not mailing the chocolate! I'm not sure that would have ever occurred to me!

Sandie Conner said...

Very good idea! That little clear purse is so cute. Good idea about taking the candy out, I am sure it would of melted!

Connie Collins said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I really wish I had gotten to spend more time with each and every one of you talented lades. I am so glad we are sharing our projects this week. I love your adorable little purse. Funny story about the candy. Glad you thought of it before mailing the box or you may not be on this blog hop after all. :)

Mercedes said...

Super cute! I can see my girls requesting this as a party favor! TFS!

Amy Rogers said...

WOW - super duper cute!!! I can't wait to make my own clear purses for a party I'll be attending next week. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Farrell said...

Wow - so clever. I might try that myself. TFS