Saturday, April 26, 2014

Audrey Title Page - Project Life by Stampin' Up!

I've mentioned in previous posts that in 2013 I did a Project Life album for each of my girls and took a photo every day. I'm almost finished with the albums (all of the photos are in there, I just have to finish my journaling). But one thing I didn't have finished was the title pages. For some reason I was having a complete mental block on how to do them. I had photos of her in each season which didn't all match and that was making it harder for me to come up with something.

When my Everyday Adventure kit from Project Life by Stampin' Up! came this week, I knew I had the perfect design for my title pages - FINALLY! The colors were broad enough that it took the various colors of all of my photos and tied them all together. Yay! Here's what my final title page for Audrey's page looks like. And I was SO happy - the Day to Day stamp set had all of the season names that I needed to go with my pictures.

If you're wondering about the title card with her name and the date, I created them in My Digital Studio and did an earlier blog post about those here.

If you are new to Project Life and pocket scrapbooking, and are wondering about the size of a yearly album like I did you can see how thick my finished 365 day album is in the photo on the right. And the best thing is that the album closes flat with even a little room to spare for embellishments (I didn't use many in this album).

Don't forget - Thursday is the day to order the first batch of Project Life by Stampin' Up! goodies, so be sure to check back here on Thursday, May 1st for ordering details!

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