Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{love} MDS style

The last few days I was working on a page for an upcoming MDS blog post and came across this photo of my oldest. While I didn't use it for the page I was working on, I knew I wanted to use it for something.

For this page I started with the photo blown up to cover the page, then set the opacity lower (35%). I loved the muted color of it, but felt her face didn't stand out as much as I wanted it to so I used a heart punch, filled it with the same photo and sized it as big as the page, making sure it layered over my background photo exactly. To complete the edge I added 105 gold sequins. Yep, thanks to the layers in MDS I could see that there were 105 of them.

All of the "Love"s in the background are stamps - I used the MDS search feature and did a search for love. You'd be surprised how many you will find if you search for them! A few of the I had to crop out the word, but you get the idea. I changed them to white then sent them to the back of my page UNDER my background photo at 35% opacity. That's why you can still see the original image through the stamped words. Sorry, no supply list today - with all of those stamps it would be endless!

DON'T FORGET - It's Tuesday, Stampin' Up! has new downloads for MDS today! Click here!

We've been snowed in but are hoping we may be able to get back to school tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed for us - this mom is starting to go crazy! I would never survive as a homeschooling mom, that's for sure. I told my oldest that and she said "I would NEVER want to be homeschooled - you crack the whip with this school work stuff!"

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