Monday, June 16, 2008

June 15 - Craft Show Aftermath

Well, in case you were wondering - this -->
is why I haven't posted in weeks. I exhibited at my first craft show on Saturday. It was SO much fun! My friend Jenn who sells the cutest doll clothes and hair bows in the world had a booth just down the road from mine, and my hubby helped us set up and stayed with me all day helping out. I met the NICEST people there and had a blast just hanging out with hubby, eating marshmallows from the booth next to us and hearing what people thought of all the stuff I have been slaving to make the past few months. The show didn't have half as many people as I read they would so we probably won't do this one again next year (plus the fact that its an hour and a half away) - think I'll stick to more local ones in the future.

BUT I have a ton of new projects to post since I haven't posted any projects in weeks so I'm entering them today and they should just post automatically. Hope you had a great weekend! We're on vacation this week (just hanging out around home) so YAY!

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Becky said...

I'm glad you can relax now after the show! That is always so much work to get ready for...sounds like you had an awesome day!