Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 17 - Mini Chipboard Book

I woke up one Sunday a few weeks ago and thought - "I need to make some clear chipboard mini albums". I'm not kidding, these were SO easy to make that I whipped out 7 of them in like an hour.

The chipboard squares I used were from a Stampin' Up! Christmas chipboard set, but you can cut your own from any chipboard to any size you would like your album to be.

Mini Chipboard Book

  • Chipboard
  • Bind-it-all machine and wires
  • Clear card with pattern (this uses the white grid pattern from Pageframe Designs)
  • Patterned Paper of your choice
  • White Cardstock

1- Cut your chipboard pieces (one solid for the back and one for the front, you can die cut a shape out of the middle like this one has a circle.)
2- Punch holes in chipboard with bind-it-all.
3- Cut clear card or sheet of patterned acrylic to fit over the cover of your book. Punch holes with bind-it-all.
4- Cut cardstock and as many patterned paper pieces as you would like to fit inside your book. Punch holes with bind-it-all.
5- Lay it all in a stack then bind it with your machine! On mine I did a mix of patterned paper, then cardstock - you can mix it up as much as you would like. Throw a few different patterns in there, or use two sided pieces and flip them back and forward. Be Creative!

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