Sunday, April 8, 2012

NEW Shopper Rewards Program!

I love my customers, so many of you have become some of my very best friends and I've been wanting to come up with a way to show you all how much I appreciate YOU!

If you've been to an event of mine in 2012, you may have seen these sheets - the new Shopper Rewards Program I started for any orders of over $50. The program began on January 1, 2012 and I keep track of all eligible orders on these sheets that I keep in a file here in my little crafty office.

Here are the details!
  • Every $50 spent on one order (excluding tax & shipping) counts for one heart. If you spend $105 before tax and shipping on one order you will get two hearts filled in.
  • After your first three hearts, you will receive a FREE ribbon grab bag included with the order that got you your third heart. After six hearts, you will receive a FREE embellishment grab bag with the order that got you your sixth heart. After nine hearts, you will receive a FREE stamp set of your choice ($29.95 or less)
  • Orders cannot be combined to get a heart filled, the $50 increment must be spent on one order.
  • Online orders ARE included. If you are not local, your reward will be sent to you via USPS.
  • If you're curious as to how close you are to your next reward, please just send me an email at and I will email your rewards status to you. And if you'd like to keep track of your own rewards, just click here to print your own copy! And the link will always be available on the right sidebar of this blog.
Curious about the grab bags? I load them up with both current and retired ribbon pieces and embellishments (depending on which grab bag you get!) See this little bag of goodness to the left? That's what the ribbon grab bags look like - if you find one in your next order bag, this is why it's there! If you have any questions, just email me and I'll get you an answer ASAP.

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