Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12 - Miss Audrey Page

Well remember in the last post where I said I had another page I wasn't sure if I liked? Well, it officially got worse. :) It was a project where I wasn't happy with it, but since I sewed on it I couldn't take it apart and move things around until I liked it, so I just kept adding more "stuff". I just finally had to put my foot down and tell myself to just stop.  "Holly - STEP AWAY from the rubons."  But all is not lost!  I did find out a good thing about using rubons on transparencies, they rub right off if you mess up!  Can't do that on paper - and it really helped me on this one.  I think I did some letters on the Miss Audrey 3 times.

Today I'm figuring out the dates for my September classes at the store and I have the first project ready to post here tomorrow.

Miss Audrey
  • Pink Paislee pink scalloped paper
  • Pink Paislee Transparency
  • Pink Paislee Die Cut silver paper
  • Bazzill scalloped edge cardstock in white
  • Pink Paislee Office Letter Stickers
  • Kaiser Craft pink rhinestone flower
  • Kaiser Craft princess rhinestone word
  • Various rubon letters from my stash
  • Kaiser Craft rubon border
  • Thread and Sewing Machine

1- Layer your transparency over your scalloped paper (pink) and slide your photo under it until it sits where you want it - in this case with her looking out of the "window".
2 - Sew on the seams over your photo.
3 - Add your rhinestone flower and rhinestone word and letter stickers.
4 - Cut the scalloped edges from the cardstock and slide it under the rhinestone word to help it stand out a little more.
5 - Cut another full edge from the scalloped cardstock and layer it along the right side at an angle under the transparency.
6 - Cut an edge of the die cut damask paper and layer that on top of the transparency so that your flat edge of the scalloped paper you just added is hidden.
 7 - Sew the edge onto the page using a zig zag stitch.
8 - Cut the right side of the transparency about 1" or less from the stitched line you just made.  That allows the scalloped edge of the pink paper on the right to show through.
9 - Add your rubon title, and rubon border on the damask die cut paper.

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Becky said...

Holly you silly girl, this is adorable! Very unique (in a good way) and that photo is sooooo super cute!