Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 28 - Lunchbox Note

Wow! This is post #100 on the Create Something Everday blog! I'm just so flipping excited that I've created that many things in general since March - whoo hoo! Here's to 100 more. :)

Yesterday Audrey started Kindergarten. It was sad for me because she's there all day, but she LOVED it. She loves her new teacher, her new class, and especially getting to eat lunch at school and take her Barbie lunchbox. So last night I made her a little cute note for her lunchbox. Nothing fancy - journaling cards are PERFECT for something like this. I had a Making Memories Animal Crackers spiral journaling tag book that I've been hanging on to from Couture Scrapbooking and thought it would be the perfect thing to use since Audrey is so completely in love with animals. And the elephant on this one is just SO cute. Then I just slipped it into an envelope with her name on the outside and put it in her lunch box so she'll find it when its time to eat. Hopefully it will bring a smile to her cute little face.

Lunchbox Note

  1. Tear journaling tag from spiral book.
  2. Adhere small photo to the front.
  3. Add flower and rhinestones
  4. With your pen doodle a few hearts on the front and write a quick "love you" note on the back.
  5. Place in an envelope, write your childs name on it and put it in their lunch. Kids LOVE mail! :)


Cassie said...

That's really cute. I'm sure she will love getting that in her lunchbox!

Becky said...

Wow, you are such a great mama to make such a nice note for Audrey's lunchbox! This is adorable!