Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23 - Love Page

The Scrapbooking Cafe started a new feature this past week called "Project Weekly". Basically you can sign up for a project to be e-mailed to you weekly, complete with a picture of it, instructions to make it, and if you come into the store there is a display set up with the completed project for you to look at as well as printed instructions and all of the products needed to make the project. (Longest sentence ever...) LOL

I did the first project for last week here -->
If you missed the e-mail that went out with the instructions I'll be posting the ones I create here on my blog too, and you can find the products still at the store until they run out. They'll just be in a different location once the next project gets published. A new project will be going up every Monday and the very talented Alecia Geiss will also be creating Project Weekly projects. I can't WAIT until the next one comes out on Monday, I hope everyone likes it. But for's this past week's project. Hope you're having a great weekend!


  • Butterfly Transparency
  • Pink Polka Dot and Blue/Brown Damask Patterned Paper
  • Brown Paper or Cardstock
  • White Cardstock
  • Brown Felt Flower
  • Blue Pearls
  • Cardstock Stickers
  • White Letter Stickers
  • White Pen
  • White Scalloped Cardstock Borders
  • Flower Acrylic Stamp
  • Brown Ink
  • Adhesive


1 – Cut your damask paper into 1” x 1” squares. Lay your transparency down over your background paper (in this case the pink polka dots) and keep lifting up a corner so you can adhere the 1” squares you just cut under the butterfly at different angles. Cover the entire shape of the butterfly. Some of the pink will still show through which is fine. OPTIONAL: draw a small border around your 1” squares to make them stand out a bit more.

2 – Cut a strip of the brown paper that will give enough room for your border sticker to go on it and apply that sticker. Add pearls in the middle of the stickers and add some white dots to the brown cardstock around the border as well.

3 – Adhere the border to the left side of your page about 2” or 3” in from the edge, then add your scalloped cardstock border to the left of the brown border strip.

4 – To assemble your flowers adhere your felt flower, then stamp your flowers on the white cardstock. Cut them out leaving a small white border. Draw a white dot on each “petal”. Add that flower to your felt flower, then add a blue pearl in the center of your stamped flower. Repeat step 4 again for your other flower.

5 – Adhere your photo to the transparency at an angle you like and trim it if necessary.

6 – Assemble your title by laying your sticker down on the brown cardstock and trimming around the edges. Then add your title with letter stickers in the middle. Adhere this to the lower center of your transparency.

7 – Once everything looks good to you on the transparency just turn the transparency over, add your adhesive under the solid elements (cardstock border, title and photo) and adhere it to your background paper.


Kimmie said...

Hi Holly! Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you--we've been so busy with the new house! I did make the blog header myself--I did it at if you're interested...

Hope all's well! Hug your two little girls for me! :)

Becky said...

This is an awesome project Holly! Very unique, I love the photo placement!