Monday, March 19, 2012

WHAT did he do?

So last week I got a new car. I used to have a van, but with the girls older and since I only have two of them I decided to downsize. Well, I think hubby likes it more than I do. So much that he went out and bought some LED light strips to put on the headlights (don't ask, I have no idea on this one - I think it's a guy thing.)

But the car is dark and the strips were white and just looked plain silly. So he wanted to paint them black with little holes for the lights to shine through. He asked me for little circle stickers which I didn't have. So I thought we were done until I saw the light strips painted. I asked, "Where did you get the dots?", he answered, "Upstairs." with a nasty little grin on his face.

'Upstairs' is code word for my craft room. UGH! But it took me a minute to identify them. Can you?


... (keep going!)


... (almost there!)



Did you guess these?

How's that for versatility? :)

So if your husband would like to add some LED strips to your headlights and paint them black - be sure to get some of Stampin' Up!'s Large Pearl Jewels! (And in case you are wondering - he promised to buy me a new pack.

I'll be back with a new project (sorry, not car-related) tomorrow! Until then, have a wonderful Monday.

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