Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8 - Scrapbook Sunday

I had such high hopes for this Scrapbook Sunday. The last crop I went to, I had started this page but never finished it. So last night I thought - perfect! I'll finish the page and use it for today's blog post. That way the page will be finished, and I'll have a page to post! Many of my scrapbooking buddies had spent all day scrapbooking and I wasn't able to go, so I figured I could get a little cropping in that way.

As the family sat down to watch "Cars 2", I got out the stamps, my white Signo and Basic Black Stampin' Write marker and went to work. And I loved how it turned out! I set it down on the floor beside me, and watched the rest of the movie. But then...

I spilled a cup of Pepsi on it. ALL over it. See the dirty looking streaks on the Tempting Turquoise? UGH. Another plus in the digital scrapbooking column (unless you spill the Pepsi on your computer, which I also did). So I'll have to re-do at least the Tempting Turquoise part. I had hand drawn all of the white scallops and colored them in with the white Signo pen, so it's going to take me a while to re-do it. But I'm not doing it today! Today's blog post will just have to be streaked with Pepsi. And I learned a lesson too! Never put a layout on the floor. :)

See you tomorrow for the Monday Blues!

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Unknown said...

Holly! That's going to be my next distressing technique! Pepsi on a layout...I'm in love!! (I wouldn't waste a perfectly good Diet Coke on it, but Pepsi would be sacrifice-able). Pepsi it on up and have a story to tell!