Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12 - Pumpkin Jar Lights

No doubt you've seen this idea on blogs (I found it on my cousin's blog CynSew), not to mention on a magazine cover the other day. It's a super-cute idea that I figured I could do as a craft project with my girls (ages 6 & 8) with minimal mess. Just a little tissue paper, jars and some Mod Podge and we were good to go. We let the tissue paper dry overnight, but then the next morning it was time to make the faces.

The girls started to draw them on a sheet of Basic Black cardstock, but found it hard to do. I knew I had the answer - we brought down a basket of Stampin' Up! punches and started punching out faces! The smaller circles overlapped made for fantastic eyes (Natalie made her ghost jar a little crazy!) and the pennant punch was awesome for the triangle eyes and noses. But the punch we found ourselves using most was the wide oval punch. We cut teeth out of it, used the whole shape to make our ghost "yell" and cut a smile out of another wide oval. The modern label punch trimmed in half made a great nose, and paired with tips from the pennant die made a great mouth with fangs on our green jar.

The girls were so proud of what they'd made and the punches made it so much easier!

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