Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 2 - Feature Friday - Crop-A-Dile

It's time for another Feature Friday! Today's is a tool that I never thought I would ever want. I waited years to actually buy one. But once I did I couldn't figure out how I ever lived without it!

It's the CROP-A-DILE!

Yeah, it does look a little intimidating - I think most of us girls are intimidated by big metal tools. And I can't believe how many people I have in my classes who when we go to use them on a project say "Oh, I have one of these but I've been too scared to use it." Oh, fear NOT brave ladies! Just get a few eyelets out and try it! I think the biggest mistake I've seen people make is they try using the eyelet setter at the head and middle of the tool to punch their holes. Won't work. :) The two different sized hole punchers are at the sides of the tool. Just slide whatever you want to punch in there and try it out. This amazing tool will punch through just about anything. Paper, metal, chipboard, some acrylic, whatever you feel that you need a hole in! Then just add your eyelet in the hole and set it with the middle part by squeezing the tool. It's that easy. Here is an acrylic Pageframe flower shape that I used to make a card out of with the Crop A Dile. Let your fear turn into an addiction!

Clear Flower Card

  • Clear Acrylic Flower (Pageframe Designs)
  • Crop-A-Dile and silver eyelets (Stampin' Up!)
  • Pink Paper Flowers (Prima)
  • Rubon (Upsy Daisy Designs)
  • Rhinestone Heart (Me & My Big Ideas)

1- Add your rubon to the center of the flower and then apply your rhinestone heart.
2- Hold the flower where you want it over each petal and then using the large hole punch on your Crop-a-Dile punch a hole in each "petal" through the pink flower and the acrylic.
3- Insert your eyelet through the hole you just punched in the flower and the acrylic and set it using the top of the Crop-A-Dile.
4- Send to someone special!

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