Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 25 - Tatoo Kits

I'm going to start a new feature for the blog called Feature Friday! So each Friday I will feature one of my favorite Stampin' Up! items and how to use them or a project (or more) using the featured product.

Since I'm behind I'm posting Friday's project almost a week late but I'm playing catch up today and have every intention of posting a new Feature Friday tomorrow.

Today's Featured Item are the kids Tattoo Kits that Stampin' Up! has. My girls have SO much fun with these - you will hardly ever see me walking around without a butterfly, or a crown on my hand. Audrey has become a proud tattoo artist and tries to tattoo every moving thing in the house. And she's so good at it too.

How they work is so easy for kids. The kit comes with a black kids (washable) ink pad and the clear tattoo stamps. There is a boy kit and a girl kit. Then it also comes with 5 colored markers to color in the stamped images. The great thing is that they are totally safe and wash off in about a day (or less if you're in the water a lot). Audrey is modeling her watermelon tattoo from this morning. These kits make FABULOUS teacher gifts - I'm going to get Audrey's preschool teacher one of each set for an end-of-year gift. At $13.95 for each kit, you really can't beat it - we've definitely got our money's worth with this! Just let me know if you want to order them and I can help you out!

Kids Tattoos


1- Ink up your tattoo stamp with the kids ink pad included in the kit.
2- Stamp it on the back of your hand or arm.
3- Use the markers to color in your image and give it just a minute to dry.

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Becky said...

This is such a fun product...they were popular back in the day when I sold SU too!