Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 24 - Hanging Clear Star

I've never been a jewelry type of girl. My mom and aunt have always collected tons of it, and I think they have enough for me included. HOWEVER - I am certainly not opposed to using it on my pages or on home decor projects! So when they have a garage sale, I clean house on awesome jewelry for a quarter! Pins especially, they are so easy to use on stuff because you can either just take the back off or poke it through something to hold it in place like I did with the dragonfly pink I used on this star.

Hanging Clear Star

  • 8" Clear Star (Pageframe Designs)
  • Dragonfly Pin (or any other pin you may have)
  • White Stazon ink (Tsukineko)
  • "Flowers for a Friend" stamp set (Stampin' up!)
  • Gold elastic cord (Stampin' Up!)
  • Gold eyelets and Crop-A-Dile (Stampin' Up!)
  • White cheeky board clips (Making Memories)

1- Using the white Stazon stamp your image around the edges and points of the star. Allow to dry.
2- Punch your holes on the top of your two side points for your cording to hang from. Add your eyelets. You may need to do another one at the top like I did if you pin is heavy enough to cause your star to keep falling to one side. This middle one will help keep it balanced. But test it first without the middle one to see if it will work with your pin.
3- Punch two holes for the sides of the pin to go through. This will allow the pin to attach together normally through the back of your star and hold it in place.
4- Tie your cording in place and hang it from what you plan to hang it from to see if it falls to one side. If so, just punch another hole and add another eyelet and more cord to the middle star point.
5- Clip your photo to the right side of the star.
6- Stamp or write your caption and clip that to the side as well.

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Becky said...

This pin is the perfect accent on your project, and I especially love the way you have it hung!