Monday, April 7, 2008

April 5 - Fridge Calendar

I hate when I have a vision of a project and by the time I am done it looks NOTHING like I had intended it to look. This would be one of those projects. And the sad thing - I did this project TWICE. I had JUST finished adhering all of the magnets and the clips and put it up on the fridge to see how it looked - well lo and behold, here comes Chad to get something off of the top of the fridge and KNOCKS IT OFF and broke it to pieces. I'm not kidding, this was like 5 minutes after I had hung it up there. UGH!

So I found all the pieces, got another frame out and went to work again. But it uses a LOT of magnets and a LOT of clips and a LOT of Zots!

The cool thing about this project is that you can take the clips off and move them around each month to match the days without having to completely re-do the calendar every month since they are on magnets. And if you want to put an event in just unclip the number and clip a post it note, or whatever you want to it to remind you.

Fridge Calendar


1- Stick your calendar paper into the frame and back it with the cardboard pieces. Add magnet stripping to the top, bottom and middle of the back of the frame.

2- Add a magnet circle to the top left of the first 37 squares with the Zots. These are the only squares on the paper that will ever have dates on them - no matter what month you are in.

3- Print your numbers out and trim them. Adhere them to the clips, then stick the clips on the magnets. You can use the bottom squares that are empty for a clip to hold notes for birthdays, events, or just the name of the month if you would like.

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Becky said...

This was well worth doing it twice Holly. What a creative idea!! I love the idea of this fridge turned out adorable and I think it is just perfect!