Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 11 - Clear Tag Wedding Card

Yep, it's another clear card! Just not a conventional one. Then again, when have I ever been conventional? :) This is a large polka dot patterned clear tag that I made into a card. It fits into a normal sized card envelope and makes a very unique greeting!

Clear Tag Wedding Card


1- Stamp your circle stamp on the patterned paper.

2- Punch TWO scalloped circles out of the same side of the patterned paper, one around your stamped image. Adhere them back to back on the bottom of the tag.

3- Adhere your rhinestones to the front of the card on the full dots that are not covered by your scalloped shape.

4- Using thin Super Tape adhere your ric rac to both sides of the card.

5- Add your ribbon to the top hole and write your greeting and signature on the back blank scalloped circle.

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