Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1 - Clear Birthday Card

I mentioned a few posts ago how much I love the Wordfetti stickers by Making Memories. There are a ton of words in the package, but not always the right words that I need for all of my journaling, etc. So I thought - I'll just make my own.

I don't buy a whole lot of scrapbook related books, but Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp has been about the BEST scrapbooking book I have ever purchased. While it does give you excersizes for practicing your writing the best thing it did for me is just give me confidence in my writing. I used to HATE my handwriting and when I would try to write something I would be so completely scared that I would mess it up that my letters would be shaky and I would end up messing it up. But this book really did give me the confidence to like my handwriting, which ultimately helped me write better since I wasn't so worried about it when I was doing it.

It also talks about how finding the best pen for YOU helps your handwriting as well, and that cannot be more true. My favorite journaling pens are the Micron pens by Sakura and for the longest time I used a .05 tip, but recently started using a .08 tip and love how it works for me so much more. Once you find the confidence and the right pen for you, you might be surprised how much you love your handwriting!

Clear Birthday Card

  • Clear Star Patterned Card (Pageframe Designs)
  • Glitter Flowers (Prima)
  • Small Zots and Tape Runner (Therm O Web)
  • Rhinestones
  • Kraft Cardstock (Stampin' Up!)
  • .08 Micron Black Pen (Sakura)
  • Bling Cardstock (Bazzill Basics)

1- Using your small Zots adhere 3 matching glitter flowers in the center of 3 of the middle black stars. Also using the Zots add rhinestones in the center of the flowers.
2- Write your greeting words on the kraft cardstock drawing a border around each word and cut them out. Adhere them on the front of the card around your flowers.
3- Crop your cardstock for the inside slightly smaller than the card itself and write your card message around the edges. Adhere it to the inside of the card.

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Becky said...

Fantastic idea with the handmade wordfetti! Looks awesome on the clear card especially with those blingy flowers!