Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31 - PBS Projects

I had some projects that were on some PBS shows this year - there will be a clear album I had created on Scrapbook Memories (Episode 1209). I just have to laugh at the supplies and directions since they are obviously NOT for the clear album project shown. And I did a window card in Episode 1204. Unfortunately my PBS station does not carry the show so I don't know if I'll ever get to see them.

I also designed a card similar to this one on the Hands On for Kids show (Episode 1110). I won't post the ingredients and instructions here today since they already list them on the Hands On for Kids site here. But the cards are really fun to make and even though I can't see them on TV, it was cool to find it on their website! If you happen to see either one, can you let me know how it looked? I'd love to hear.

Happy last day of March! :)

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Becky said...

Ooooh, I totally forgot about these!! Loved seeing them on the PBS website!