Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3 - Clear Tag Card

My best friend Amy lives clear across the country and I miss her! So I made her a quick card to send her this morning out of one of the new patterned clear tags from Pageframe Designs. Rubons were applied to the front, and a piece of patterned paper was clipped on the back. Then just write your message or note on the back of the piece of patterned paper. Use a 2-sided piece to make things more interesting!

This tag is the perfect size to fit into a normal card envelope, just keep in mind that you may need to add a little more postage to it due to the thickness the clip adds and the weight of the tag.

Clear Tag Card



1 - Cut out and apply your rubon to the front of the tag.

2 - Attach your rhinestones to the front in empty dots with the small Zots.

3 - Use your white pen to put mini dots around the big dots you added the bling to.

4 - Peel the protective coating off of the back of the tag, then clip your patterned paper to the back of the tag.

5 - Add your ribbon and you are finished!

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