Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 14 - Shadow Box

I have 3 projects ready tonight which will catch me UP with this blog - so here I go - catch me if you can!

I can't remember where I even got this, but I had the funnest time decorating the inside (and outside) of this white shadow box! It now sits on a shelf in my bathroom.

Shadow Box


  • Shadow Box
  • Stickers (Sakura)
  • Souffle and Glaze Pens (Sakura)
  • Bling Oval (Heidi Swapp)
  • Flower (Prima)
  • Stamps and Stazon Ink (Stampin' Up!)

1- First I decorated the outside of the glass by putting the "Sticklers" on (they look like just an outline when you put them on) then I colored them in with the Glaze and Souffle pens and let it dry. The Glaze pens give it a stained glass look once it dries, and the Souffle pens have a more opaque finish.

2- Mat your photos then add them to the background just like you would to a scrapbook page. I used the white background it came with, but you can cut patterned paper to use or whatever you would want to do.

3- The background on this was kind of glossy so I stamped my date, letters and images with black Stazon so it wouldn't smear or bead up.

4- Embellish to your hearts desire, then assemble your finished box and display proudly!

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