Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 18 - ABC Album

Today's project is much larger than a one-day project, but I'm excited that I finally got it started. Yesterday I found Audrey's ABC scrapbook up on a shelf in my scrapbook room and we had such a fun time going through it since she hadn't seen it in a while. Even Natalie was loving it, which made me think - where is Nat's?

So I decided to start her album. I had a 6"x6" Stampin' Up! album that I haven't used yet, so I stamped the spine of it and added a ribbon. Then I started my ABC list. I keep it in the album so I can always refer back to it as I make the pages so I don't forget what each letter is. And I ALWAYS write it in pencil because I always end up changing things around and that makes it so much easier.

Natalie just finally started talking a few weeks ago and she has SO many new words for things - I thought this would be the perfect time and way to document all of the things she has been saying. I'm going to try to do the majority of the album with her favorite toys and things to do. I may post some of the pages on here as I get them done, but for now I'm just happy to get a start on it!

ABC Album

  • 6"x6" Album (Stampin' Up!)
  • Short Order Alphabet Stamps (Stampin' Up!)
  • Rough Edges Mini Alphabet Set (Stampin' Up!)
  • Ribbon (Making Memories)
  • Black ink (Stazon)

1- Stamp your album title using the Stazon ink on the outside spine of the album.

2- Wrap your ribbon around the cover and tie it in a bow.

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