Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6 - Photo Flower Vase

I've been having a blast making some fun and funky things for my little Etsy store - which is the inspiration of todays project. I spent the morning creating some fun little mini jars and vases with paper and fabric flowers, and this one has a little clip added so that you can clip a fun little photo to it. And I'm not sure what was more fun - making the flowers or decorating the vases/jars, but this was a blast to make.

Photo Flower Vase



1 - To decorate your vase just fill it with the marbles, apply your rubon, attach a rhinestone in the middle of the rubon with a Zot, then dot around the flower and the rhinestone with the white Signo pen. Tie your sheer ribbon around the top of the jar.

2 - Take your wire and halfway through loop it so that it looks like you are holding an X with the loop at the bottom of the X. Adjust it so one side is longer than the other. Stick it into the jar and move the marbles around so they hold the wire in place.

3 - Make two identical flowers, then cut a 3-D zot halfway up the middle and place the top of your wire in that slit. Sandwich the two flowers together around the Zot/wire.

4 - Repeat step #3 with your bigger flower.

5 - Attach your photo with the clip on the longer wire stem.

Have a great day, enjoy making vases and jars and hope you stop back tomorrow!

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