Monday, July 23, 2012

My Coming Home Surprise!

The running joke around our house is that the minute I leave for more than a day, my husband Chad starts to MOVE THINGS. To be fair, he always moves things around when I'm here too, but it almost always happens when I'm not here. And it's usually a shock to me when I come home. The last time I went away for a few days he moved the entire living room and built an entertainment system into our fireplace. So I wouldn't be shocked when I came home, I called throughout the week and was told he changed around our bedroom and the girl's bedroom. My reply? "Sure, knock yourself out, honey!" :)

To say I was surprised when I walked through the door and found this (below) is an understatement! We have a small house. The girls had a small room (a little bigger than a closet) beside their bedroom that I had used for my craft room for the past five or so years. But it was a pain. I would have classes and clubs in my dining room, but I'd have to drag all of my supplies downstairs for it, then drag them all back up. Not to mention if I forgot something during the class - Connie would count how many times I had to go back up! See how clean the room is? Tornado gone! I asked him why he did it and he said "I felt bad that your sewing machine had to be on the floor. Now you have a place for it." :)

So like I said, I walked in the house yesterday to see this (above). Now he had suggested before I left that I take over the dining room for my craft room (where we can still eat at the table) but I had only moved down my punch racks, the paper racks and the 12-drawer chest. And you should have seen the table when I left! It looked like a tornado had blown through. I was still working on swap cards the day before I left and had no time to clean up when I was done. So let me give you a tour of the new room and show you what he did while I was gone!

One of my favorite things to do is to organize my stuff, and this basket holds my Sizzix dies, Sizzlits, Framelits, and folders.

My 12-drawer chest has a drawer for lots of different fun stuff! This is my glittery-gloss drawer with glitter, embossing powders, Dazzling Details, etc. If you've taken one of my classes, you know this is one of my favorite drawers!
Here's my "business stuff" drawer with workshop invites, pens, hostess gifty things and more!

Adhesive drawer! Who doesn't just LOVE adhesive? You'd better not have your hand up!
I use curtain rods to hold my punches, but guess what? I HAVE TOO MANY PUNCHES! ha ha - what a problem to have, right? So I have a few drawers in the chest for extra ones.

In the new desk he added to the room, the shelves below are bigger than 12x12" which is the perfect size to hold my 12"x12" Designer Series Paper. I haven't had a chance to actually organize it yet, but I'm excited to have it so close to where I work. I used to keep it in the closet.
This is a new addition since I came home - I had to add my sweet little Stampin' Up! fabric owl I received from Connie! If you were at convention do you recognize his nose? :)
And in true Chad fashion, he added a TV to the corner hutch (see it on the 3rd shelf down?) Once my card swaps come back from convention (I shipped them!) the hutch will also be loaded with beautiful card samples.

Did I mention that I love baskets of things? And wheels? Wrap them both together and here is my basket of wheels! I love, love, LOVE digging into this basket.
So yes, I know what you're asking. "But where on earth are the STAMPS, girl?" See that closet in the room in one of the photos above? Yay for stamp storage! The inside has a few paint nightmares, but no one goes in there except for me. I'll paint it sometime. Until then, this is what it looks like. I can hang my apron inside, store my bags and totes, staplers, extra cutter, pens, etc.
So that's it! Thanks for sticking around to "tour" my new room surprise. I think he probably watched a bunch of HGTV when I was gone, but that works for me. ha ha! I was shocked and I love it so very much. I'm off to organize more (whoooooooo hooooooo!) but hopefully I'll see you back here tomorrow!


lionfish said...

What a great space. Sometimes husbands are worth their weight in gold, aren't they? By the way, thanks for sharing all those convention pictures :)

Kathy Skinner (Kat) said...

What a sweet and handy husband you have! The room looks great! Enjoy!