Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Salt Lake City!

The drive to Salt Lake City yesterday was one of the most beautiful drives I've ever experienced. SO glad we took Jeanna up on the opportunity to drive here with her. She's used to it, but like true tourists we made her pull over in the middle of driving through a mountain to take some pictures. (here is L to R, Connie, Rita, Me, and Jeanna)

Along the way we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called "Kneaders" (think Panera, but better). I don't know if I've ever had a better sandwhich! I had what they call a clam roll sandwhich. WOW. Let's just say I'm SO glad we have one down the street from our hotel. I may be there daily!

Once we got to Salt Lake City and got checked into our hotel we had dinner with the fabulous Alana Jean-Louis and Julie Warnick, our MyDigitalStudio.net friends. Loved them both and Alana makes me laugh every single time she opens her mouth. We were supposed to have adjoining rooms in the hotel, but they don't actually adjoin so she's our non-adjoining adjoining roomie. She came over last night with FUN goodie envelopes for us all (complete with clown nose!) so of course, we had to take a picture.

Convention activities don't officially start until tomorrow morning so we have a day to sight see and our hotel is crawling with Stampin' Up! demos that I can't wait to meet! So because this is a sample blog, not a "read all about Holly" blog, I'm going to post one of my swap cards that I'll be swapping with other demos this week.

For my swap cards this year I wanted to use some of the same elements and techniques I used for the cards in my Artisan entry. For this one, I wanted to use LOTS of silver. Started with the silver cardstock, cut into a 1" strip. Then I heat embossed on top of it with silver embossing powder. Then added a 1/4" strip of silver shimmer paper to the right of it.

Now for the white I cut the shape from the Labels embosslit collection and chopped the right side off of it so it would fit nicely next to my silver strip. Then I took one of the smaller label embosslits and used it to trace a small black border around my white label. Added my Sassy Salutation and some silver flowers with rhinestones and DONE! They're all labeled, bagged up and ready to swap! So if you see me at convention and you'd like one just ask, I may have some left. And if you'd like to see any of the photos above enlarged, just click on it and you can see more detail.

I'll be posting more soon, especially once convention gets started! :)


Polly McMillan Raymond said...

What a fun trip for you Holly! Please share more - I love reading about your adventures. XOXO

Bev Gomez said...

Dang Holly I couldn't go because of unforeseen financial problems and wow would I have loved one of your swaps. Guess I will have to case it.Thanks for the updates girl. Hugs, Bev