Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stamping with Audrey & Natalie - TAKE ONE!

Let me tell you a little about my girls. If it's possible, they love Stampin' Up! and making cards more than I do. I have no doubt they'd be my best customers if they had money other than my money. And their cards are SO CUTE! A few years ago I was making cards to sell at a craft show and Audrey decided she wanted to do the same thing and make some money. She made one card with a stamped baby on the front that said "Congratulations", then on the inside when you open it up it says (handwritten) "I will like your baby." HA HA HA - and it SOLD! (Can you guess who bought it? *raising my hand*)

Yesterday I was really looking forward to sleeping in after traveling the entire day before. Never fail, Audrey (9 yrs) woke me up at 7AM to ask me why I chewed all of the gum in my purse (really?). So when Natalie (7 yrs) heard that she made me a card that had the 3 of us drawn on it. Hand-drawn Natalie had a speech bubble coming out of her mouth that said, "Mommy, I'm sorry that Audrey wacked you up!" I didn't type it wrong - it really did say "wacked"! Hilarious!

I've done a few "how-to" videos before, and while I love doing them there was really nothing exciting about them. I wanted to do something fun with them. Being an elementary school art teacher, I figured - what's more fun than kids doing art? So I'm starting a new video feature called "Stamping with Audrey & Natalie" where the two funniest girls in my life are going to show you how to do different cards and techniques. This first video was kind of our "test-run" and I learned that we're not allowed to play a Selena Gomez song in the background so when they say "We're listening to Selena Gomez", they really are - but you're not allowed. :) So here's some basic embossing with the Big Shot and some Stampin' Up! embossing folders by my two favorite girls.

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StampinWithTara said...

This is SOOOOO adorable! I love the part where Natalie is trying to balance the brush on the embossing folder. Tooo stinkin' cute! Can't wait for the next "episode" - nicely done!