Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank You in Calypso Coral

Do you have a set of favorite colors that you always tend to fall back on? I know I do.  They're usually in the Brights, Subtles or Neutrals collections.

I've had Calypso Coral for over a year now and have never used it. I don't know if I thought it was too "orang-y" to use, or what. But when I got the new International Bazaar Designer Series Paper collection, this pattern using Pool Party, Island Indigo and Calypso Coral just popped out at me. I knew I had to use it!

One more question. What do you think about staples? I think they're fun to use on cards and a quick and easy way to get something to stick when you don't want to mess around with adhesive, but I'm always afraid to use them on my projects at workshops, etc. because I know some people don't like using them. When I used this card at the Card Day my downline members and I recently had, I saw some people not add them to their project (and even saw some wrinkled noses). So which side of the staple argument do you fall on? The "I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole" side, or the "I love them and think they add a little fun to the project" side?

This week I'm going to be hard at work on swaps for convention - 14 days left and about a hundred swaps to make! I do feel like I accomplished at least a little this weekend, though - I finished Chapter 5 of my latest book AND found four or five big boxes of stuff to unload at my garage sale this weekend.

Hope you had a wonderful (and productive!) weekend and have a great upcoming week!

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tengrrl said...

Love the colors on this card. Obviously I know they go together from the color coach, but there's something about your card that makes them really pop. Gorgeous work.

And as far as the staples go, I think it depends upon the card. As long at they fit the style of the card, they're fine. I wouldn't include them on something where I was going for a more elegant style or super-polished style.