Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Storytime Digital Scrapbook Page

A few months ago I was asked by Stampin' Up! to create some samples for convention using the new My Digital Studio content disc's. I think it took me about two seconds to email them back saying "YES!!!!!" :) Those of us who created the samples had to make quite a few, too many for them to display on the boards so some of the ones we created did not end up being displayed. But hey! That means I have fun stuff to show you on my blog now, right?

We had to create five scrapbook pages, and this one is my favorite. (It might be due to my love of books!) The content CD I used to create this page is the "Storytime" CD (click the link to order!) which is one of my favorites. It's perfect if you have little kids!

Audrey is my super-reader and I wanted to have some type of record of what she read (or liked to read) in the third grade. I loved to read when I was her age too and now, looking back, I would have loved to have a page like this of the books I read way back then! With my horrible memory, I don't remember much of what I read at all. And the best part is, she had lots of fun helping me create this page by thinking back to what books she read. Then see her name on the "This book belongs to:" tab? She signed it with her own handwriting!

"How?" You ask? Well, since I was using regular MDS we had to do it using my drawing pad (I use that instead of a mouse) in Photoshop, take out the background, save it as a .png file and import it like a photo, but GUESS WHAT? When MDS2 is released we'll be able to hand-write things in the program. I don't think it is one of their advertised features, but from playing with a trial of MDS2 I know it will be possible using a few little tricks. As soon as MDS2 is released I will make a tutorial video so you can hand-write on your digital pages too! If you've been wondering, it's also how I did my signature at the end of all of my blog posts too.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and hope to see you back here tomorrow!

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