Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Artisan Update

Unfortunately I found out yesterday that I was not one of the Top 10 Artisan's chosen for the design team this year. But that's OK! I have two good friends (Jeanna Bohanen and Heather Summers) who DID get chosen and I'm very proud of and happy for them! And I'm going to have LOTS of goodies to show you on my blog when I get back. :)

We're doing our Artisan WOW card swap today at lunch, I'm VERY excited to see what amazing cards these ladies came up with! SO EXCITED!

--> That's me over there next to my Artisan finalist display board. It was so good to see my projects again, after not seeing them for a while you kind of forget what you've entered! ha ha

I've uploaded 128 photos from yesterday on my SmugMug page here, so if you haven't gone through them and would like to, the link is there. LOTS of beautiful samples! I'll be uploading more this afternoon so check back to see more.

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